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"And Allah invites to the
Home of Peace"
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Welcome to the
Islamic Center

Masjid Aisha is not just a mosque for prayers, rather it is a community center for all.
The Center is committed to preserving an Islamic identity, building and
supporting a viable Muslim community, promoting a comprehensive Islamic
way of life based on the Holy Quran and the 
Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad.

Our Philosophy

A critical component of every Muslim’s journey is knowledge.

Ihsan was the way of our Messenger

We pray together, we break our fast together, Islam is community
Being in service to others is the duty of every Muslim

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Islam teaches us that marriage is an important part of our life
Funeral Arrangements “To Allah we belong and to Him is our return.”

Taking the shahada, profession of the Islamic faith, is one of the biggest decisions

Islamic School

The Weekend School of the Islamic Center of Allah is committed to providing quality Islamic Education according to the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be upon Him) to a diverse student population in the greater area.

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